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online roulette tips and tricksJust like you already know, the Roulette allows you to win up to 36 times your bet. It is therefore a very interesting game for the online Casino gamers.


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Just like you already know, the Roulette allows you to win up to 36 times your bet. It is therefore a very interesting game for the online Casino gamers. However, playing roulette without any strategies will significantly reduce your chances to win against the game. The advantage of the Casino can go from 2,7% until 1,35% thanks to the split system when the Zero comes out. The tricks underneath will help you to reduce that advantage with the objective of increasing yours. Do not forget that the Roulette is a game of luck that sometimes requires Strategies of risky bets. This could lead to big returns on investment.


As a reminder, if you don’t know the rules of the different betting types on the Roulette, please read the following article (link to explanation article about the Roulette).


The tricks to know in order to play Roulette online.e


Unfortunately and unlike other games, there are no specific tricks or even strategies that will make you win at the Roulette. Anyhow, There are probabilities that allow you to calculate the risk that you will be taking. So, you can elaborate your own strategies, based on your funds and ambitions.


Here is the probability of gains in correlation with the type of bet for a European Roulette. (The statistics slightly vary between the European Roulette and the American one).


For the inside bets :


Type of bets            Numbers  Probability to win

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Plain number 1 2,7%

On straddlel 2  5.41%

Transversale pleine 3  9,3%

Carré 4 10,81%

Sixaine 6   16,22%


For the outside bets :

Douzaine 12                    32,43%

Colonne 12 32,43%

Red/Black 18 48,65%

even/odd 18 48,65%

Manque/passe 18 48,65%


It is obvious that the strategy of the outside bets is the least risky. You almost have 50% chance of winning if you bet on black or red. The inside bets have a lower percentage but can make you win much more money. If your strategy is to play on a number « plein », and that the ball stops on your number, you receive 35 times your initial bet.


From a mathematical Point of view, the statistics are telling us to play the outside bets to get more chances to win. What makes to Online roulette a successful game is precisely thanks to the adrenaline and the pleasure encountered when taking risks. Imagine yourself winning on one number or another risky bet. The sensations are guaranteed.

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We also could have discussed about the tips, strategies or even tactics such as the Martin-gale, the D’alembert method, Labouchere and Fibonacci. But these strategies have to be used with caution. You can try them to get a point of view, but we recommend you the mathematical approach with a calculated risk-taking.


To conclude, the tips are simple. All you need to do is to choose a betting strategy that you are willing to adopt according to the winning probability. Determine your type of bet in correlation with the money your are ready to invest. Another tip, stop at the right moment. Set yourself an objective, and stop playing when you have reached that objective. Finally, the last tip consists of varying the strategies according to your capital so you can increase the length of play and the probability of winning BIG.

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