The strategies of the online dice games

dice game tips and tricksYou are probably thinking that luck will be your best ally ? that is not really the case !


Indeed, while playing a Dice game, luck are not always essential. But you also have to establish a strategy , take thre right decision in order to win bonuses that will give you access to Mystery credits. Therefore, you can have al lot of luck, but without any strategy, luck will not be used efficiently.


The different strategies to adopt for the online dice games.


Before starting a game of dice game, it is important to choose the stake amount. The reason of this is that your winnings will vary according to the stake. The higher it is, and the bigger the winnings will be. To conclude, you have to play Big.


dice game 3 wild symbolesThere are several Strategies to adopt during a dice game. The most popular is of course, the one that consists of aligning the 3 Wild symbols. That approach will enable you to get the Mystery and so, more chances to win big in a short period of time. In the case where you do not obtain the Mystery, it becomes possible to win from 100 to 1000 points which will award you with credits. As a reminder, with the mystery, simply align a minimum of 100 points in order to be able to win the highest amount possible. Meaning up to 500 Euros per game ! You understand now, why the mystery is so covoted by all the gamers.


Afterwards, if you see your credits decreasing too quickly, increase them with the second strategy. That startegy consist of aligning only the dices of 60 points, as well as the green symbols of 120 points. This guarantee numerous small winnings , but added together allows to gradually increase your capital of credits.


The third strategy consist of aligning the dices without giving importance to the colour but to the number of winning slots. In a dice game of 4 slots, if you are able to get 3 winning slots, the points will be multiplied by 2./p>


It is the same with the dice games of 3 slots. If you can get 2 winning slots, your points will be multiplied by 1,5. If you have 3 wining slots, the points will be multiplied by 2.


Do not forget the 9 alike that are worth 200 points. As a reminder, the 9 alike consists of 1 slot in which the same dice colours are gatheredMultiplicateur dice game


Now, it is your turn to choose your strategy depending on your objective and your mood. You can also mix the strategies according to the evolution of your winnings.


Will you try to align the 3 wild symbols with the aim of earning the Mystery credits ? Will you play to win several small amount, and build a strong capital ? Will you bet on the number of winning slots to multiply your points ? Or Finally, will you be Playing the 9 alike ?


From now on, test your favourite strategy on one of our dice games on

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